4 Solid Reasons to Serve Pre-Packed Popcorn in Your Event

Serving popcorn in events has become an ongoing trend these days. They are great for desserts and snacks, work well as finger good, and can also be taken home as loots. Yes, this snack may not only be served in the cinema or during house parties that consist of movie marathons, but in almost every kind of gathering as well.

But how do you give out your popcorn treats? In some events, they serve it freshly cooked, straight out of the popcorn machine, while there are also those that prefer to order pre-packed popcorn instead. Sure, the fresh and hot popcorn treat is totally tasty, but why should you go for pre-packed popcorn too?

Below are four solid reasons to consider:

  1. You are saved from the hassle of packaging.

While popcorn is best served fresh, it doesn’t mean it loses its tasty flavour when served hours after cooking, so long as it is packed in an airtight container. If you opt to go for pre-packed popcorn, you can have the treats ready at least a day before the event and still give them to your guests with all their freshness intact.

This is a hassle-free alternative compared to serving popcorn fresh. When you opt for the latter, you have to make it a point to serve the popcorn right out of the cooker, mainly because once it is exposed to air, it will lose its puffiness and becomes difficult to chew.

  1. You may order in advance.

Another perk in opting pre-packed popcorn is that you may place your orders in advance. This works best especially when you intend to give away popcorn treats for your guests to take home after the event.

When you order in advance, you may not only request for the number of packs to purchase, but also the flavours to be added and the type of packaging to be used. If you have special packaging details in mind (like adding ribbons to the popcorn pack or using a specific type of packaging design to match the theme of your event), then you can ask for these as well.

  1. The kids will love it.

Kids are always into snacks that they can munch, and giving them popcorn during a party keeps them definitely busy. But giving them freshly cooked popcorn may not be as practical especially when the containers used are not child-friendly.

However, if you use pre-packaged popcorn, you have the choice of bags or containers to use to store the treats. It would also be easier for the kids to carry these containers (like loot bags) and eat the popcorn anytime they like.

  1. Pre-packed popcorn is more cost-effective.

Lastly, if you are looking for a more cost-effective way to serve popcorn in your party, then the pre-packed method is the best choice. This is because when you opt for fresh popcorn, you need to rent a popcorn machine during the event, and have someone in charge of operating it and serving popcorn to your guests all throughout.

On the other hand, ordering pre-packed popcorn allows you to focus on other tasks since the popcorn treats will just be delivered to your event, ready to be served to your guests. You also have the liberty to estimate how much popcorn to order based on your expected number of guests, and by the end of the day no bag of popcorn is put to waste. Meanwhile, if you go for on-the spot cooking and serving, you may not be able to gauge how much popcorn to serve, and you either run out of kernels and flavours, or have a lot of cooked popcorn left after the party has ended.

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