5 Things to Expect in an Ice Cream Making Workshop

Ice cream making workshops are becoming immensely popular these days, and this can be attributed to two reasons: people love ice cream, and they want to learn a new skill. Sure, you may not be a huge fan of ice cream, but knowing how to make it and personalize gives you a greater edge among your peers. Unlike cooking and other food preparation techniques, ice cream making cannot be simply learned via recipes and video tutorials. You can only make a perfect ice cream once you have learned the technical steps, and attending workshops is the best way to address that.

But what should you expect when attending an ice cream making workshop? If you have recently signed up for one and are waiting for the day of the workshop proper, then here are five things you should be seeing once you’re there:

  1. Expert trainers.

One of the first things that you have to realize when attending such workshops is that they are manned by expert trainers. These trainers not only know the ins and outs of ice cream making, but are also equipped with the technical expertise that they can demonstrate properly to their students. These trainers have studied the skill of ice cream making for years, thus they know workarounds that are easy for beginners to understand.

You may feel intimidated by the workshop trainer at first, but this is normal. The feeling would eventually die down especially when your trainer has built rapport with the audience, and from there you will feel more comfortable in listening and learning the ways of ice cream making.

  1. Complete tools.

Another important aspect of a successful ice cream workshop is the presence of all the tools to be used in making the said dessert. These include the pots and pans, stovetops, hand mixers, utensils, and other items that will come in handy. Of course, all tools need to be available for you to use, otherwise you won’t be able to make ice cream properly.

Unlike other dishes, the perfect ice cream relies heavily on the tools used in making it. Sure, you can churn the mixture manually, but it will not give you the same smooth, creamy, and fluffy consistency which a hand mixer can do. These tools also increase your confidence in making ice cream, as you have the right instruments to use.

  1. Complete ingredients.

Aside from complete tools, workshops also introduce you to the complete ingredients in making ice cream. How else can you make ice cream if you don’t have the right ingredients? In most workshops however, you will be introduced to the key ingredients in making ice cream, but when it comes to flavours and accents, you are only given limited variations. This is because workshops focus on the foundations of ice cream making. Once you have mastered this level, you can then explore on infusing different flavours and styles in order to come up with your signature taste.

  1. Special equipment.

Apart from the basic tools and ingredients, there are ice cream making workshops that introduce you to special equipment, such as liquid nitrogen. You will be taught to use these tools not necessarily for you to adapt at home, but more on to enhance your skills which you can showcase whenever there’s an opportunity. These tools can be fun to use, as you get to experience how chefs and food experts explore the wonders of cooking (and in this context ice cream) using unusual instruments. In this part of the workshop, you’ll definitely feel adventurous-if not challenged.


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