Accessorizing an Ice Cream Cart for Your Party

Serving ice cream is becoming pretty common among parties and events, and this is because to the refreshing approach it provides to everyone present in the occasion. But ice cream is no longer plainly served as a dessert. These days, hosts now offer ice cream in unlimited servings and different garnishes, and sometimes even delegate a specific area in the venue where it should be served. If you are looking towards this kind of manner in serving ice cream, then you might as well bring in an ice cream cart during your upcoming event.

But how do you accessorize an ice cream cart during your party or celebration? Here is a list of suggestions you may consider:

  1. Fill it up with your chosen flavours.

Nothing beats flavours as the best accessories when it comes to ice cream carts. Of course, the ice cream selections need to represent your event, otherwise they won’t be appreciated as much as they should be. Besides, this is exactly what the cart is for: to be the repository of the ice cream you intend to give to your guests.

It is thus important that you carefully choose the flavours that you want to serve during the event, and how they can be properly stored in the cart. You may go with fancy flavours if you are doing a festive party, or stick to the popular types if you are feeling more conservative.

  1. Decorate the cart with a matching motif.

If you plan to showcase your ice cream area in the venue, then you may want to decorate the cart with a matching motif, preferably the same as the rest of your party adornments. This will make the cart an authentic part of your overall party design, and not look like it was just placed in a specific location for the sake of having one. The uniformity of design matters not only during casual parties, but more during corporate or formal events.

  1. Arrange your garnish on your cart too.

If you are renting a bigger cart that has enough space to store garnishes such as cups, cones, and toppings, then you should use this to your advantage. You may decorate the cart by arranging the garnishes and add-ons in a creative manner, or in such a way your guests are able to see how the ice cream is scooped, topped, and served to their delight.

  1. Add tables and chairs.

If you doing an outdoor party, then you may as well surround the ice cream cart with tables and chairs. This will make your ice cream area more dedicated to your guests, as they get to hang out and chill while enjoying their sweet dessert.

This type of arrangement works a lot especially when you are doing an event during a hot summer day, or when you are holding your party by the beach.

  1. Showcase your flavours by putting a pop-up menu on the side.

If your ice cream flavours matter a lot during your party, then you can place a pop-up signboard beside the ice cream cart to immediately inform your guests on what they are getting during their stay. This makes the ice cream area more like a vintage pop-up kiosk (which is a trending style nowadays), and your guests get to see what flavours are in store for them, how they can mix and match flavours and toppings according to their desires.

Who says an ice cream cart is just another mere storage equipment for your frozen delights? By accessorizing properly, you are able make your ice cream treats more loved and cherished by the guests in your upcoming fete.


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