Top Reasons Ice Cream Making Workshops are Best for Kids

Are you looking for a way to make your kids more productive during their free time? Do you want to invest on your child’s creativity but at the same time have them try something different? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then perhaps it’s time to look at ice cream making workshops.

Workshops that focus on making ice cream are a great way for kids to discover more about their skills and talents, but in a rather fun and easygoing setting. This is because they not only get to enjoy a day filled with ice cream-their favourite frozen dessert, but at the same time realize at an early age how the said treat is made.

Among the other reasons why ice cream making workshops are ideal for kids include:

  1. They get to do hands-on learning.

Hands-on learning is very important for children, as they are able to exercises various methods of learning, such as mind-body coordination, creativity, and the eye for detail. They are also able to use all their senses, and unlike when watching instructional videos or play with interactive tutorials as they see on their gadgets.

They also learn to follow instructions properly, as they are given a goal to achieve, and that’s an ice cream treat they made themselves.

  1. They get to witness how things work.

It is very important for children to see how things work, as this further develops their cognitive skills. They also develop an appreciation for subjects such as science and technology, while at the same time being amazed at how the technique in creating ice cream is taking place.

  1. They are given the freedom to come up with their own flavours.

This is probably the most anticipated part of any ice cream making workshop: concocting flavours. Kids are then given the freedom which add-ons to mix in their ice cream, so that they can come up with their unique styles and flavours which they can boast to their family and friends.

In most workshops, participants are not only given the ingredients and equipment that they will use to create ice cream, but also a range of add-ons which they can add to their mixture, such as a choice of nuts, fruit, candy, syrup, etc.

  1. Kids learn about the different ways ice cream is made.

In ice cream workshops, kids are given a demonstration on the different methods of making ice cream. This will amaze them because they get to see that there’s more than just one way to create their favourite dessert. While the workshop will focus on making ice cream using a freezer or a specialized ice cream maker, kids are likewise given the opportunity to watch ice cream being made using liquid nitrogen (although this part is for presentation purposes only).

Some points to consider when enrolling your child to an ice cream making workshop

Ice cream making workshops intended for kids usually provide the necessary safety equipment so that their participants would be safe from harm during the activities. However, you may also want to be extra cautious by bringing extra clothes for your kid as the activities tend to get messy later on. Also, while there are assistants during the workshop, some organizers would also require parental supervision so that the kids would be able to do the steps in making ice cream properly, such as mixing or operating the equipment assigned to them.

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