Your Ultimate Guide to Selecting, Preparing, & Storing Any Flavored Teas



If you are just new to flavored tea drinking, you may be having a lot of questions on how to brew or store it. Perhaps you are wondering if drinking leaf teas is a much better option to coffee, or perhaps you are just looking for a present this holiday season to a friend. Regardless of the reasons you have in mind, this article will surely be of awesome help. Below is a comprehensive guide to selecting, brewing, as well as storing teas.


Selecting flavored teas

Having a tough time selecting between the kinds of loose tea? Not sure if black tea has better health benefits compared to green tea? You have checked out the right place. Read on as this quick overview will help get you started with selecting your next tea:


White Tea – this subtle and light tea option comes with low amount caffeine and does not haves strong flavors. Its health benefits include improvement in oral health and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Since white tea has antioxidant properties, it protects skin from any harmful effects of UV light.


Black Tea – if you are looking for a flavored tea that offers just the right caffeine jolt to help you get up in the morning, select a loose leaf black tea. Black tea contains polyphenols, an antioxidant that has the ability to block DNA damage that is linked with toxic chemicals.


Green Tea – this flavored tea can improve weight loss by increasing metabolism. It has high amount of antioxidant as well as nutrients that has the ability to boost fat loss. Plus, you will have a better brain function, and prevent acquiring risks of cancer.


Oolong Tea – similar to other tea options this one is known for delivering tons of health benefits when taken on the regular basis. It even has antioxidants like catechin and caffeine that is known to fight free radicals. It is even used to help in weight loss as well as reduce risk of cancer or heart disease.


Preparing Flavored Teas

Preparing loose leaf teas may appear complex, but with this complete guide you’ll surely consider it easy to prepare. Read on for a step-by-step guide to brewing it:


Boil water – start preparing by boiling water in a stove or using an electric kettle. This will heat the water to ideal temperature as well as allow proper aeration.


Place the tea in a mug – the following step is to place the bag of tea inside an infuser. In case you are using a loose-leaf tea, you can put them in T-Sacs or even Lidded Tea Infusers. Infuser works well with any mug you have in your home so there’s no need to buy 1. Place the infuser that has loose-leaf teas in a mug.


Wait for it to brew – brewing time depends on the kind of tea you are preparing. For oolong or black tea, you’ll need to wait about five minutes. Raiboos tea will take for as long as 5-7 minutes, while green and white teas only take 2-3 minutes.


Storing Flavored Teas


To best enjoy its benefits, you need to be sure that the teas are always fresh. Old teas could alter its scent and taste. Store them in a dark cool place, and make sure the container is tightly sealed. In the event you have many kinds of teas in your cupboard, it is best to label them so you’ll easily find what you want to drink for the day.


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