Shed More Weight by Drinking Green Tea


Did you know that green tea is 1 of the healthful drinks on earth? This thirst quencher has antioxidants, that is why it perfect for those who dream of beginning or maintaining a better lifestyle.

In addition, there are studies showing that green tea assists your body to burn fat and easily lose weight quickly. Green tea can aid you more than just keeping you warm at night or ward off cold. It even has beneficial properties such as caffeine that have robust biological effects. These properties are combined in the water when you make the drink. Therefore, when you drink it, your body will even get all such health benefits.

Do you need more reasons to purchase it?

Facts about green tea and how it helps you with your fitness goals:


It has antioxidants

Green tea is commonly known since a single mug of it has tons of antioxidants, including catechins. It even has EGCG or Epigallocatechin gallate, which is a compound that can help boost the digestion.


It has caffeine

Similar to coffee, a cup of green tea also has caffeine but of lesser amount. That is why it is practical for those who wish to reduce their caffeine consumption but still wishes to have a beverage to boost their energy level. Caffeine is a prevalent stimulant because it can support in boosting energy when running or working out or fat burning.


Boost metabolism

The human body burns calories every single day, even if you are not doing anything or moving around. This is because the body’s cells still have to do tons of functions, and they have to use energy in order for them to work. But, if you still wish to boost your body’s ability to burn calories or improve metabolism, be sure to regularly drink 1 cup of tea.


Mobilizes fat from fat cells

In order for your body to burn improve metabolism, it needs to break down fat cells first before the cells transmissions to the bloodstream. With the help of active compounds available in green tea, the body can improve the effects of precise fat burning hormones. The EGCG substance even inhibits enzyme that has the ability to break down the hormone norepinephrine. The nervous system contains norepinephrine in order to send signals to the fat cells and start breaking down fat. So, if you have a lot of norepinephrine, there is more signal telling the body to break down fats.


Amplify the results of the workout

Consider taking this drink when you workout as it upsurges the burning of fat if you are exercise or training. Therefore the properties of your fitness regimen will even be a lot better. Based on a research, those who are working and also constantly drink green tea burned 17 percent more fat as opposed to those who do not always drink it.


Moreover, according to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, consuming a cup of tea on an everyday basis can significantly lessen the total serum cholesterol and also the LDL cholesterol.


Nowadays, many people are starting to become interested to purchase tea. They either take it to shed down on caffeine consumption or shed a couple of pounds. If you want to drink green tea, visit Tealy’s online shop for great products at great rates.






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