The Secrets to a Definitely Scrumptious Chicken Satay

Chicken satay is one of the very famous dishes in Indonesian restaurants. The skewered grilled chicken pieces dipped on savoury peanut and honey sauce just makes anyone hungry, and you only won’t manage to resist its charm. Sure, you can find satay variants in other countries, such as for instance Malaysia, but Indonesia’s version is […]


How to Get Ready for a Halal Dinner Party

Halal dining is now popular today and that is because of the growing interest of non-Muslims that are testing out their hand on the said cooking tradition. Indeed, halal food is not really a cuisine itself but a means of cooking relating to a religious practice, but it’s captivated the mainstream dining as well. But […]


Etiquette: 5 Tips to Fully Savour Your Indonesian Dinner

Just like any cuisine, Indonesian dining comes using its own traditions and practices. While they’re not necessarily practiced in restaurants particularly those based in other countries such as Singapore, it’s worth learning how Indonesian locals follow dining etiquette. It’s not only because you are preparing to consume in a geniune Indonesian restaurant, but more about […]


Searching for the Right Wine to Celebrate any Special Occasion

There are too many types of wines. This is bewildering to debate many wine shop shelves all brimming with wines and pick the best brand for your occasion.


Shed More Weight by Drinking Green Tea

  Did you know that green tea is 1 of the healthful drinks on earth? This thirst quencher has antioxidants, that is why it perfect for those who dream of beginning or maintaining a better lifestyle. In addition, there are studies showing that green tea assists your body to burn fat and easily lose weight […]